My buddy Toots and I enjoyed a nice three day, 30 mile hike on the SHT from a bit north of Judge Magney State Park down to the Grand Marais trailhead. I started the hike alone for the first 7 miles and enjoyed lunch at a nice overlook before entering the Brule River area. I trekked down through the state park and witnessed and assisted a young couple who were day hiking with their baby when a medical emergency arose. After leaving the park, I walked to one of the Little Brule Campsites and met up with Toots. We both had a great hang the first night.

On day two, we woke at 3 am and made a 2 mile predawn hike to Lake Superior to watch the sunrise over the lake. After this show and some breakfast we finished a 1.7 mile walk on the beach and re-entered the woods. We crossed many creeks and overlooks and experienced some rain. Many, many flowers were showing off. We completed our 17 mile hike on day two at around 2:30 pm and we ate dinner around 5 pm and due to exhaustion and incoming rain, we retired to our hammock early for the night.

On day three, we planned to wake again at 3 am and make another predawn hike to Pincushion Mountain to experience the sunrise over Lake Superior from higher up, however a thunderstorm was rolling through so we opted to sleep in until about 5:30 am when the rain lightened up. We pack up camp and made a short hike to the mountain, however a thick fog prevented any view. We continued our hike out and made it to a café for breakfast in Grand Marais.

Come along with Toots and I via my video.