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    WBB Wooki on a Chameleon

    I've read on here that the wooki fits the chamelon just fine. This past weekend, at Spring MAHHA, I tried to put my Wooki (which I use on my WBB, not an XLC) on my friend's Chameleon, and we realized that it was too short - my WBB is a 10ft hammock and the Chameleon is 11ft. Have any of you used your Wookie from your WBB on a Chameleon, and if so, how did you extend it to fit? Maybe you could just use a continuous loop of some sort and a lightweight biner to connect it?

    I'm putting the Chameleon on my birthday wishlist and I was banking on being able to continue to use my wooki so I wouldn't have to purchase another UQ and because I like not having to adjust it!

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    To my knowledge, the Wooki is designed for 10' hammocks. Ideally, you would need the Wooki XL for an 11' hammock. That said, I'm sure you could rig something up with a shock cord or Zing-it loop at each end of the Wooki to get it to work. Basically, you need to lengthen the suspension somehow to get it to fit the 11' hammock properly. I have no experience with the Wooki, but have done something similar when stacking underquilts- and it worked great.

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    I have a standard 10ft wooki that i use on a chameleon. Easy to do, I just used some paracord and a couple small biners. Easiest if you have someone to adjust the wooki when your in the chameleon. Setup the Chameleon to your liking, lie in it and get the friend to measure how much to add to head end first so the insulation of the wooki is around the top of your neck (for me this was only a few inches beyond the existing loop already on the wooki). Once the head end is good get them to measure the foot end by pulling it tight until the black elastic band on the wooki starts to stretch (you want the band stretching a little when your body weight is in the hammock for the wooki to seal out air gaps properly).
    Did same to fit it on updated XLC except you don't need biners just pass paracord loops around the whipped ends.

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    I have mostly 10-foot hammocks and Ridgerunners, but in my quest to thin the herd to just those GEs that are compatible with my Wookies, I still couldn't let go of my super-comfy Chameleon. I found this thread about adapting regular Wookies (designed for the 10' original Blackbird) to a Chameleon and gave it a shot. I also tried something new to alleviate the pesky gappage problem at the shoulder area that I have with Wookies, on a 10' hammock or not.

    Following the advice in this thread, I added a 6" loop of cordage to the foot end of the Wookie, larksheading it to the fat rubber band and using a carabiner to attach to the hammock's continuous loop. Then I added a loop of shockcord to the head end and made it adjustable with a cordlock. To fix the gappage problem (as a person who does not sew), I attached a length of shockcord to the factory loop on side of the Wookie, ran it over the top of the Chameleon's ridgeline, and attached it via a binder clip to the shoulder side of the Wookie. This piece can also be adjusted for the needed tension with another cordlock.

    I took this setup -- a 30*F Wookie -- down to 32*F and slept like a baby in the Chameleon. Pulling up the Wookie with the shockcord over the ridgeline does impact your view out of the hammock a bit, but to me that's an acceptable tradeoff for being able to take the underquilt down to its rated temperature.

    Foot end -6in cord loop.jpg Head end - adjustable shockcord.jpg Factory loop and de-gappage shockcord.jpg Shoulder side - binder clip and cordlock.jpg View from inside.jpg

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    Canadark nice job on that. That's been my experience as well, that a couple/few easy mods and you can use the Wooki on pretty much anything.

    When I used the Wooki with my DIY gathered-end, I used a piece of cordage on the foot end like you did, and it worked really well. I may 'borrow' some of your other ideas too. I like the adjustable shockcord on the head end.

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    I just used my 20* 11' wookie XL on my old original 10' WBBB that I have had for almost 15 years. I like to keep things simple and am not a big fan of complicated rigging, so to shorten the wookie a bit I just tied a loose overhand knot in the main wookie body just below the foot end gather. That worked just fine. And there was no real tension on the knot so it was easy to take out later. To hold it in place, I also added a couple of plastic snaps along the sides of my wookie (and on each hammock I plan to use it on), but they are not really all that necessary.

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