Hi fellow hangers,

I'm a hobbyist maker and have just finished a modular quilt set for a friend. I've had this idea for a while and my friend made it possible.

I wanted to combine a 2 season set with a 4 season set. A couple of threads her on HF inspired me to stack two quilts to get to lower temps. The set is made out of three down quilts; a 2 season topquilt, a 2 season underquilt and a 4 season topquilt. The 2 season quilts can be buttoned together with KAM snaps. Stacked together they use the suspension of the underquilt.

Ripstopbytheroll (great company as we all know. Do you know they have a new big sign outside their office?) supplied the fabrics and Amazon delivered 3 pounds of China 'conflict-down'
For a previous project I ordered 3 pounds as well; this was advertised as 950 fp. You can check the threads for this type of down. It worked well and I used it again for this project. I did compensate the not-really-sure-about-the-true-FP question by calculating the necessary down with 800 fp.

Some WIP pics:

2 season set
2.5 inch baffles
1.9 oz ripstop nylon baffle fabric (chose this over NoSeeUm because I felt this would make stronger baffles. Weight wasn't a real concern for this set.)
1.0 oz calendred HyperD ripstop nylon
Bungee cord
Linelocs (to tighten the secundairy suspension)
China 'conflict-down' 380 grams (per quilt)
KAM snap footbox with a cinch closure

I think I overstuffed both quilts in the end; final weight is 1500gr for the set. With a compressionbag.

4 season topquilt
4.5 inch baffles
1.9 oz ripstop nylon baffle fabric
60 cm zippered footbox with a cinch closure
The shell weighs 300 grams and the final quilt weighs 1200 grams. I think I over-over stuffed this one But it looks really lofty!

My friend doesn't mind, but I'll definitaly put less down in future quilts.