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    Having put a great deal of research into lightweight backpacking with a hammock setup, I have a few tips.

    * Hammock: if you're under 200lb, aim for a ~16oz or below hammock (including bugnet). Hexon 1.0, Robic 1.2, maybe even Hexon 1.6 can get you there in 11' length. Lots of vendor options. I like DreamHammock and Simply Light Designs personally.

    * Suspension weight: aim for under 6 ounces total. Amsteel loops on the ends of your hammock will give you lots of suspension options. Lightweight straps with a becket hitch or marlinspike is very light. Whoopie slings too, though I dislike their "minimum hang distance". Add Dutch Clips and Beetle Buckles if you want some easy to use hardware for a lightweight penalty. If you go super light with knots only, you can make a 3oz suspension.

    * Tarp weight: if you are OK with spending a lot, cuben fiber is the lightest you can get (8oz for a hex, 12oz for a tarp with doors). If you want to buy something more reasonably priced, consider the Thunderfly or Minifly in silpoly... good coverage for about 12-14oz. Hex tarps will save another ounce or two... or you can get one of those tiny asym tarps for less weight but your pitch has got to be PERFECT. I like the Dutchware tarp ridgeline and MSR Mini Groundhog stakes.

    * UQ weight: if you want to go full length, it'll be 1.5lb for a 20deg. HammockGear Econ is a great value, and about 26oz for full length 20 deg. The more expensive version saves 3 ounces. Enlightened Equipment makes the lightest UQs by far, but they're a little colder and people complain about poor baffle design (cold spots). A 3/4 UQ saves about 10 ounces. Loco Libre, UGQ and HG are roughly equivalent, but pay attention to the weight as it varies between models. Look at "fill weight" to see how much down it has, which indicates how warm it'll really keep you vs "total weight". Temperature ratings accuracy varies between manufacturers so fill weight is important.
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