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    2x4 version of Pipe Stand


    I'm setting up to build my first stand and am designing something safe and sturdy, movable and cost effective - a wooden stand similar in structure to Derek Hansen's Pipe Stand - and any input from seasoned hands would be great!

    Having searched the forums and the net I found a build on youtube by Tyler Peck of something close.


    Here's a rough sketch of the Tyler's design, all lines are 2x4s
    (measurements mine)


    The uprights are made from two 2x4 with one 4'' shorter than the other for the overhead to rest on


    notched at the bottom for a support across


    and triangles for stability

    2018-02-12-162121_829x403_scrot.png 2018-02-12-162520_849x403_scrot.png

    Holds together with 3'' screws

    My primary question is: is a good quality 2x4 sufficiently strong for a 14ft overhead bar?

    Since I'm new to this, any other input regarding safety or further design considerations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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