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    Ongoing experiment
    Quote Originally Posted by Outdoorsman View Post
    Another option to the dowel or conduit is military camouflage net poles. They come in 4’ sections so I use 3. I pay $3 apiece for them. They are made in fiberglass or aluminum. The aluminum are best.
    +1 on the camo net poles. That is what I have both for the suspended ridge pole system and the portable tripod (turtle dog?) systems. Plus, for my shortwave receiver K9ay antennae. Very useful lightweight, strong, portable, and rust proof poles for a variety of projects.

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    I see a springtime garage project in my future.
    Enjoying my fall into the rabbit hole...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcksparow View Post
    I've seen too many rings fail at the weld (especially the cheap junk sold at big box stores) to ever really trust them. At best, those rings are probably rated between 500-900 lbs, which is probably functional but doesn't yield a healthy safety margin. For around $3 apiece, the SMC descender rings (rolled aluminum) are rated to 14 kN (>3000 lbs).
    Can't argue at the price involved!

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    Brilliant! I made a version of this in maybe 2005 with the same Amsteel Blue and two 6' cyclone aluminum fence posts, with a steel extender to join them. (Or...I guess maybe I didn't since I the iPhone wasn't invented yet. Only digital pics make an experience True and Real.)

    The end caps had a wide eyehole, so I was able to tie off both the Amsteel down lines and my hammock straps (or deploy whatever hardware I happened to be playing with at the time). And all the pieces were so small it could be disassembled at daybreak so as to return the garage to its original orderliness. The hammock just folded in half and went on a hook in the corner of the garage, quilts semi-permanently attached. That hook was inside a the dress uniform locker I repurposed when they decommed our Destroyer - and it all fit nicely. Haze Gray and Squared Away. Nothing for my housekeeper to bang her bangs upon.

    The strength of the poles solved the problem I couldn't put into words at the time...I needed the horizontal load not to draw my ceiling beams together...didn't feel like cutting holes in those was bright or attractive...and this way the down lines handle all the weight while the fenceposts handled the aggregate horiz+vert load.

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