Group Buys are a type of sale in which an items are purchased at a discount and these savings are then passed on to those who wish to participate. The person who heads the group buy provides their efforts in accepting payments, placing orders, packing, and shipping without profit. In general group buys should following these guidelines:

1. Group buy prices must be the actual cost of the item or items being offered.

2. Buyers must be charged actual shipping costs.

3. A small fee, totaling no more than .50 per order, may be applied to recoup costs for supplies such as printer ink, labels, packaging materials, etc.

4. Persons coordinating group buys must take into account PayPal fees and similar. These costs should be added to the total cost of the order with no mark up.

5. Accepted payment methods are up to those organizing the group buy.

6. Since running a Group Buy requires that HF place a measure of trust, GBOs must have a minimum of 100 posts establishing a record of good standing on the forum.

In the effort to make sure that all group buys comply with the guidelines posted above, any thread started in the 'Group Buy' subforum will not show up until approved by one of the moderation team. Thanks for your cooperation.

Hammock Forums Mods

Disclaimer (aka The Fine Print)

We at Hammock Forums are not responsible for any group buys that any member in the forums put together.

We do not track every registered member that logs into the web site with 100% verification of mailing address and legitimacy. Our registration process is only done through verifying email addresses.

With that said, “BUYERS BEWARE” of any transaction you have with any members on Hammock Forums.

This is not to deter any group buys, but only to let you know that we are not responsible for any group buys that could possibly go astray.

Some things to consider when getting involved in group buys or any purchases of gear in any forums:
  • How long has that user been a member of the web site?
  • How active of a user is this person on the web site?
  • Did they just come to the forums to spam or create a group buy with their first or second post?
  • Do you know this member or can anyone on the web site that you know real well vouch for this user?
  • Are you really saving that much money in buying the item from someone as used gear compared to a new one or in a group buy to make it worth your while?

Please use common sense with purchasing anything anywhere on the web.