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    Insulated semi pod

    Probably been discussed prior. Here’s what research I did last night. Weather was 30° light wind little moisture. I used OWL lite owl wide with jacks r better gray lock 4, UQP. And s old rag mountain top quilt. I then draped my OWL premium summer series top quilt over hammock under ridgeline to make a semi pod. I used a loose fleece balaclava. Slept like an angel.
    I love our cottage vendors. And I love my summer series top quilts for Marty. Can still use them in the freeze. And here is it tucked away in Marty’s slug skins. Oh yeah here is the little puppy of Leloo we are going to keep
    With the cloudburst holding the sleet and light snow

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    Last weekend in southern VA north of Pearisburg. Lows at night about 25.

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