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    Quote Originally Posted by Dantheman98 View Post
    The first issue is suspension. I currently use the normal webbing from DD coupled with some paracord drip lines (that always seem to fall off). Is that adequate? Will it stop the rain from running down into my hammock? I don't understand why other people change to whoopie slings and tree straps, the weight savings are minimal, and the setup time is not that much better. Is there something I am forgetting here? Otherwise it just seems like a waste of money.
    This is a 3 month tour, not a simple overnighter where if something fails you can just go home the next day. You definitely need to make sure your equipment is working and you are comfortable before leaving or you will be miserable.

    For the driplines: Prusik knots will fall off if they are not holding anything. If you attach a small carabiner to the loop they will slide but not fall off the suspension.

    I found the DD suspension adequate, but coupled with a snakeskin setuptime on my frontline is now about 1 minute using whoopie slings and tree huggers (and no fuzzy knots to mess with upon take down..

    Have a nice trip!

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    How tall are you? I'm 6 feet tall and I can sleep diagonally if my Fronline hammock (same size as the camping) is loose enough. If it's really tight then I can't. This took quite a bit of playing around to find out so try spending many hours lazing around in it before you go on your trip.

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