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    Hammock, quilt, fabric advice

    Hey folks.
    First post here and straight into the DIY . After seeing all the great stuff posted here I decided to try and upgrade my current gear, even though I have little experience with sewing. So I spent the last weekend practicing on some old shirts and figured with enough patience, I might be able to do it and even have fun with it (fingers crossed ). Double layered hammock first, since it seems pretty staightforward, then if all goes well CS TQ/UQ combo. Now I only need your advice on the fabrics choice, which I'm gonna be buying from ExTex, since I reside in Europe.

    I'm pretty much decided on this one for the quilts, which by the description appears to be well suited for such task. I like the weight and colours - olive outside, burgundy inside

    But I was wondering if the tafetta would be ok for a hammock as well. I browsed the forum a little bit and found there are some tafetta hammocks out there, but I would rather not buy something one day to regret it the next. There is another fabric which is within my budget, that would be this one, but since I prefer to blend with the surroundings when camping, i prefer neutral tones and this only comes in blue or yellow

    Is the tafetta good for both hammock and quilts? Or should I go with the blue ripstop for the hammock? Yellow is out of question hehe.

    Thanks, srnec.

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    Speaking weight-wise I think it should work, that is 1.6 oz/y2 fabric, pretty standard aerial weight for hammocks. Of course it depends on your size and weight. If you are "standard" then I would say its ok

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    Hey birdman, thanks for the reply. I'm 5'11" and 194lbs. I'll place an order right away. Have a good day 🙂

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