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    Retrofitting a UQ with a Demi-Clew and Shoelace Nettles

    Thought I'd have a play with adding some clew suspension to the existing primary/secondary suspension on my Big Purple.
    First I made a kinda "demi-clew", using Austrian blind rings (0.23g each),

    attached to a length of pink dyneema with brummels.
    This I fixed onto to the primary suspension lines using mini cordlocks.
    Then made nettles of 1.5mm black shockcord shoelaced through the rings on the demi-clew and down to garter clips,

    attached to the UQ ends, tensioning each end with a cordlock.

    At the other end I tried using the blind rings threaded onto the end-cinch shockcord, but otherwise the same,

    Then I tried replacing the cordlock on the primary suspension,

    with another ring,

    so that the demi-clew could extend all the way to the end of the hammock,

    thus getting the spreading effect of attaching to the primary suspension, but not pulling on it.

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    Very slick, innovation is progressing rapidly!
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