I am seeing wear on my webbing from the cinch buckles on my Envy-S hammock. I have attached a pic. I assume this amount of wear is not normal. The hammock has been used 9 or 10 times in the last 3 months. The hammock came with the CBs installed. I have seen this issue talked about with other brands. I am not sure what brand of CB is used on the Hammeck hammocks. Hammeck did a great job of ensuring there are enough wraps on the larks head to keep the CBs straight. Even so, I am very careful to make sure the buckle stays straight when threaded and put under load. At first I thought it was due to the half hitch I was putting in the webbing to make sure it didn't slip. Lately I have been running the free end of the webbing back parallel to the strap under load to make sure it doesn't kink.

Is the this wear normal? If not, could the webbing be at fault? Maybe try a better webbing? Should I replace the CBs with a different brand? I have whoopies on my other hammock, but I really like the CB's ease of use. I don't like the idea of replacing them every few months however. I know many use CBs without any problems. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the blurring pic in one of the photos

webbing sm.JPGcb sm.jpg