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    Six to seven years ago, there weren't many vendors making tarps for us hangers. OES at that time was one of only a SMALL handful, and their quality was excellent. Nowadays, there are so many different vendors making tarps, and while there are small variations in design, overall they are pretty much the same and have excellent quality. There just isn't a reason to order from OES any longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murt85 View Post
    Anyone know when the 4 season tarp will be available from OES? Website just says discontinued for the season will return later this fall with an all new design. Been kinda waiting to compare the new design to be available to compare it to the superfly. Kinda narrowed my 2 selections down to either the superfly or the OES 4 season tarp. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks
    I had an OES winter tarp. I liked it except for one thing. The doors have such severe cat cuts that the doors do not completely meeting or overlap leaving a several inch gap. I finally decided to sell it and get a UGQ Winter Dream. The doors have SNAPS so no cold air will be whipping through and I have privacy for changing. Also, the fabrics that UGQ offers are lighterweight. My Winter Dream packs down about 2/3 the size that my OES did.

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