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    Lightbulb Hennessy Suspension Mod: Lite Speed Cinch Tree Straps

    I know these add weight, but they are so stinking convenient that I don't mind the extra ounces at all. It's a breeze to set up my Hennessy Explorer. One of my favorite parts of the Hennessy Hammocks is that the rain fly is attached to the suspension, meaning that I can set up very quickly and easily. This was a huge thing for me. After I ordered these straps from Amazon ($25), I realized that I was loosing that capability, so I had to figure out what to do. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and buying some maybe $3 buckles that would fit on the straps. I am very pleased with how it worked out:


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    That's a neat idea. What are you using for a water break? I can't see one in the photos, and seems like the straps might provide a pretty large channel for rain to run down.

    Also curious about the attachment to the hammock itself.

    Oops, I see the attachment now. Is that the water break too?
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