My new Hammeck stand was in the "not overly spacious" living room when they they came home from soccer practice rigged with "another new hammock?" ..." But but it was on sale... And I the made whoopies, it's a collectors item, we don't have any trees, here you try it." That last one did the trick.. Never mind that I was using the house as my tarp. The new hammock is a Hexon 1.6 DIY kit from Hammeck as well. For being just a hammock body I was impressed, it's already sewn to accept a net if one chooses and the stitching is flawless. The stand is incredibly stable compared to other stands I have made and more compact when stores. This will definitely be in every campground we see for probably my children's lifetimes. The build quality is nothing short of awesome. I very sincerely hope production can resume at some point in the future you have enriched my camping experience along with many others , Thank you so much to the Mecks!