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    I'm in the "all depends" camp.

    That doesn't mean I hang exclusively with incontinent folks, but I'm open to it.

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    I motorcycle camp as I'm too broken for long hikes these days. It depends if it is a journey or destination trip. If it is a journey trip I tend to stop and enjoy anything that needs to be enjoyed along the way. I wake up and take some time pondering the next stop on my journey while appreciating where I am at the moment. If a destination trip I'm up and on the road as quick as possible. I rode the southern half of the **** last year and while most do the entire ride in two and a half days I did the lower half in 4 as a lot of things needed to be looked at. On other trips I've visited 12 states in 4 days.

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    If. If there are several hikers overnighting where you are camped, and some are obviously slow walkers, then get up early, pack quick, and get some trail miles in before stopping to rest and have breakfast. That worked well for me years ago. No I would probably have a second cup and pack slow, because I am definitely a slow walker anymore.
    If you prepare for failure you will probably succeed.

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