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    My hammocks are still outfitted with these and it would take a LOT to get me to change. No muss, no fuss. I can set up my entire kit (hammock, UQ, and tarp) in less than 2 minutes. Or at least I used to be able to. That time savings is pretty huge in the rain/cold.

    I see a few people have reported issues with getting the slide bars aligned... never seen that myself. I just thread the straps and pull tight. Never once paid attention to how the bars were sitting; they always seem to align themselves.

    I know everyone seems to be using these whoopie sling things now... I'll probably look at them. At first glance though, they look to be more of a weight savings than anything else. As I'm not a gram weenie, I'd rather deal with a little extra weight than a little extra time being wet/cold. As long as I can keep my kit below 25 lbs. or so (3 day midseason weight with water), I'm happy.

    Just my .02.
    "Physics is the only true science. All else is stamp collecting." - J. J. Thompson

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    Becket or Whoopie
    I gave up on hardware. It always seemed to bend, slip, get lost, or have a sharp edge somewhere that scarred up my straps (or even worse my fingers.)

    I learned to tie a slippery Becket hitch and will never go back. I have a set of whoopies in my hammock bag just in case the trees are too big around or too far apart, but I still use a Becket instead of a Marlin-spike. Hint: Adjust the whoopie to length before tying the knot.

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