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    Location, Location, Location

    I have read several times, that placement of the tarp is critical. So for best wind/storm protection, what is the best position for set up? I would assume East/West but am not sure could use some pointers before I start my Thru.

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    When I'm backpacking and carrying all in my pack, I'm using my Clark tarp, which is rather small. When I set up camp, I look for trees that will work for hanging. Some times because of the placement of the trees, I've not got any kind of choice in which direction I'm setting up my tarp. But if I'm in an area with lots of choices... I will try and set up with my foot in pointed at the direction the wind is coming from. That's because with my Clark Tarp, I can close that end completely shut and then the wind just moves around me. If I set up with the wind hitting me broadside, the wind pushes my tarp so much that it is right up against me. If you've got a tarp that's long enough on the sides, you can pile up leaves on that side to try and cut down the wind coming under your tarp. Mine just does not go that close to the ground. Another thing is to try to test out how your tarp does in the wind before you go on any long distance trips. You see a storm coming, quick grab your gear and head out the back door!! Can't get off work until the storm is in full swing, great set up in the rain when you get home, it's great practice!!
    Just remembered something.... about wind... If you're setting up in the woods, especially lots of woods with no clearings, the wind has a hard time getting down to your level. The rain too will be mostly coming straight down too. Now if you're on top of a hill or on the side of one, now you've really got to worry about wind and the rain that can be going side ways. I would try and keep walking to find a more wooded area to get better protection from the wind. Or at least get to the other side of the hill than the one the wind/rain is coming from.
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    Don't use a compass to determine your set-up. Terrain can have a massive influence on how the wind hits you. I generally set my winter tarps kind of 'wedging' the wind as opposed to trying to make the tarp wall take all the force of the wind.

    But honestly, the majority of the AT will offer you many, many, many choices of hanging spots. Pick the one that offers the best protection from the winds. You might have to spend a couple more minutes than normal looking for a spot, but the reward is a more comfortable night.
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    Try as I have to set up my tarp for protection from the wind, the wind seems to change direction!

    I think these winter tarps or tarps with doors are a good thing.

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