Just got back from the Grayson Hang. Had to leave a day early as The Terminator was not feeling well.

Left here for Grayson on Wednesday AM ( weather report that AM just said lows in the 50's and highs in the 70", nothing about rain). and spent Wednesday night at Pilot Mt SP. Great place to hang. We stayed at site # 2 and would stay there again as it has places for about 7+ hammocks.

Took our time driving up to Grayson on Thursday AM and got there early in the afternoon. Set up our Hammeck Stands on the tent pads. That evening we helped set up the new Big Blue and moved the picnic tables.

Just as we were finishing up it started to sprinkle. The Terminator and I went to bed about 9 PM as it had started to rain. Nothing hard, just steady. About 1 AM I woke up as my left side was wet. I started feeling around the head and food end and the right side of may hammock and is was dry. I then used my head lamp to try and find the source of the water. I saw a trickled of water coming down the outside of skeeter netting.

Decided my tarp was leaking as I had it suspended under the tarp ridge line and I have water breaks to divert the rain leaks. As it was getting wetter and wetter I decided to go sleep in the SUV and took my TQ as it is down and figured I could try and dry it with the SUV's heater ( it worked ). About 5 AM The Terminator joined me as she was also getting wet. We were also able to dry out her TQ. We were not worried about the UQs as we were both using Clamashield UQs.

In the day light I was able to figure out the source of the leak on The Terminators rig. She had me set up her tarp over the top of the Hammeck Stand and since the tarp did not cover the ends of the stand, the rain was rolling down to the bottom of the stands top poles and then traveling to the middle of the stand where it was leaking onto the hammock. Thinking that some drip lines just inside where the tarp goes over the stand might take care of the problem but will have to test it out at home. We got some cheap poly tarps to cover the hammock tarps and both ends of the stands. Looked ugly and I was calling it Hobo City. Friday night I stayed totally dry and warm but for some reason The Terminator still got wet Friday night and she ended up sleeping in the SUV again. As her Ridge Runner got soaked Thursday night and had not dried out I set up an extra BlackBird I had brought and along with an extra UQ. She said she preferred her Ridge Runner.

I heard others also gear issues and one person had to sleep in their rain gear.

Talked to a bunch of old friends and made some news ones. Talked to my good friend Mini Rat ( Mouse ). She reminds me of my daughter at that age.

As The Terminator was not feeling well we packed up and left about noon. The rain followed us all the way to the coast and several of the roads here were / are flooded and we did not know if we would make it home.

Have a lot of work ahead cleaning and drying out gear and trouble shooting the tarp related issues we encountered.

Hopefully everyone has a good time and except for the rain I had a blast.