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    Free Hammock Gear Rules & Use


    1) 50 Posts required for posting or responding to a post in Free Hammock Gear

    2) Items listed in Free Hammock Gear must be related to outdoor gear

    3) Free Hammock Gear area is only moderated for TOS violations. If user feels there is a TOS issue please report it to the HF Mod team. Do NOT become the Free Hammock Gear police!

    4) All items posted must be free (no cost/shipping) to the individual making a claim

    5) TOS is to be followed when posting or claiming an item

    6) When a winner is selected, OP is responsible for posting the winner’s name and closing the thread.

    7) Firearms related give away items are NOT allowed

    8) Knife related give away require the OP to ensure the receiver is 18 years of age and receiver is required to ensure the knife is legal in their location.

    9) Vendors are welcome to participate in the Free Hammock Gear area by giving items away including their old inventory. Advertising of their business in the Free Hammock Gear area will not be permitted beyond their normal signature links.

    10) Tapatalk Users will not be able to access this area due to a limitation between the board and the application being unable to enforce the 50 post rule.

    11) Hammock Forums Marketplace Rules must be read, AND followed, in order to maintain access to the Marketplace. Members who disregard these rules will face suspension of their access to the marketplace for an undetermined amount of time, at the Hammock Forums staff discretion.

    Instructions on how Free Hammock Gear works.

    1) OP opens a new thread with item to give away, posts a method for selecting the winner (random number generator, write a short essay, 1st I will take it, etc.), and picks a date the winner will be selected.

    2) OP is responsible for getting contact information from winner and shipping item.

    3) OP can, but does not have to select, frequency of winning by saying something like no wins in past XX days/months

    4) OP closes thread after winner is announced
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