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    Hammock Gear/Skills to Spare Question Area

    If you have any questions about how the Hammock Gear/Skills to Spare area works please post them in this string.

    Q) Why do I need 50 posts to be able to post in this area?
    A) Because we all want to get to know you and know that you are going to be around before you start claiming or posting items.

    Q) Why do I have to close my post when someone supplies my item?
    A) This is a self moderated area. If you don't close your thread, it won't get closed and others will also try to supply you the same item over and over again.

    Q) What is meant by a self moderated area?
    A) MODS nor ADMINS will police threads nor become involved in actions unless there is a TOS violation occurring.

    Q) XX User responded and said they were sending me the item I asked for but it's been a month and I still don't have it. What should I do?
    A) You will need to contact the User who said they would supply the item to determine where your item is. This is a self moderating area so MODS/ADMINS do not become involved in any give away. If you can't reach the person then you may want to repost asking for the item again.

    Q) Someone just asked me to send them money to pay for shipping of my item, should I do this?
    A) No as this is a free area. Nothing here is for sale. Everyone is offering items/services for free and shipping should be included. Should you decided to go outside of these guidelines then that is completely on you!

    Q) I sent user XX my down and material 2 months ago and they have yet to send me my item. What should I do?
    A) Contact the user and asked them where your item is. The MODS and ADMINS will not become involved in the transactions. You are encouraged to know the users you are dealing with before sending them expensive good/materials. Ask yourself questions like how long has this user been on the boards, how many messages have they posted, what type of messages have they posted? You are encouraged to do research before you send goods to an unknown person.

    Q) How do I post an item?
    A) Open a new thread for each item. That way you can close it when you are done.
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