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    Quote Originally Posted by Countrybois View Post
    OK.. That makes sense. I had the same experience. I couldn't get line loc3's to hold on zing-it, but on Lawson line it held well.
    I use zing it but put a slip knot to keep it from slipping in the line lock, works well and takes literally a second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strung out View Post
    I tested the lineloc 3s to about 100# before failure.

    I use them on my tie outs. They have held up to several very strong storms.

    using them on the ridgeline will be a bit more risky.

    If a metal option were avalable, I too would be interested.
    That's why I'm looking for a metal option, I like the line locks because they allow me to drop the tarp from underneath if it starts raining, quick and easy, but it wouldn't take much of a wind to generate a 100 lb pull on the ridgeline, I've tested them in the back yard with some pretty high winds and so far they've held but I felt I needed to reduce my tarp to a minimal size to reduce the force on them.

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    You leave the hitch on the line. You don't untie and retie it each time you use it.
    I leave a prusik on the line, loop the prusik or put a hook on the prusik, and hoop around the stake or clip it to a loop of string on the stake and just pull tight.

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    Does anyone make metal line locks

    I use the line locs on my ridge line and haven't had any problems. I suppose if I do I'll just have to use some knots to get me through. Haven't worried about them breaking... At least until this thread
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