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    La Siesta Colibri Hammock - Double

    I picked up a La Siesta Colibri Travel Hammock last week on STP. As I couldn't find much actual user information online about them, I decided to write a review/share my thoughts.

    The La Siesta Travel Hammock Double is a gathered-end hammock made of parachute nylon. It has the same exact measurements as the ENO double and is made of the same slightly shimmery and slightly crinkly parachute nylon as the ENO and the Grand Trunk. For the double size, the colours are chocolate brown for the middle part of the hammock and your choice of fashionable turquoise, fuschia, lime or orange for the outer 2 panels. These panels are triple stitched just like the ENO and the Grand Trunk. On these seams. on one side of the hammock, La Siesta has added 4 tabs on the right and left seams. These tabs are meant for anchoring the hammock down with something when using it as a beach blanket. It's a bit awkward as those tabs are on the those triple stitched seams a few inches in instead of on the edges of the hammock as one would expect. However for hammocking, when combined with a piece of string, I found that these tabs were useful for preventing my TQ/throw blanket and my pillow from slipping off completely during a nap. As the TQ usually slips towards the legs and off one side of the hammock I just tied a bit of kitchen twine to the corner of the throw and the other end under the hammock to one of the tabs.

    The main selling point of the La Siesta travel hammock seems to be their German-designed and patented suspension system. It consists of a sexy organically-shaped fibreglass reinforced nylon hook and polyester rope. The system is easy to use and can be adjusted without undoing anything. There are no knots to learn or tie. Sewn to each hammock bag, there are a series of long labels (like those on new mattresses) printed with Ikea-esque pictograms showing what things are good to hang from, how to attach the suspension to the hammock and how to attach the suspension to the things to hang from. While this system is not as simple as a series of overhand knots on a rope with a carabiner a la Grand Trunk, it is infinitely more adjustable in any increment. However, this suspension system is insanely heavy (just under 1-lb on an analog scale). For camping and travel, I would replace this system with lightweight and tree friendly options. For glamping or a more permanent setup at home I would keep this system.

    My main peeve with this product is that the drawstring pouch it comes in is much too small/narrow for the hammock to be rolled back in the usual way. To get the hammock to fit into the pouch it came in, one has to use the stuff method. If there was nothing attached to the hammock it would be okay but once there is a RL or any number of mods, the amount of pushing and stuffing gets to the point where one could damage the material. The irony of this is that the bag is just like the ENO bag with the webbing and the buckles on top except that in this case it seems that it is all for show. The bag on the ENO is attached while this bag is separate from the hammock. When I received this hammock, everything including the suspension system was somehow sardined into this bag. It felt like a brick and it took a bit of effort to pry everything out. I am really good at packaging so if I'm annoyed others will be too.

    The measurements of the one I received is 114" (9' 6") L x 78" (6'6") W. It weighs approximately 1lb 3oz on an analog baking scale with all stock ropes and suspension removed. The hammock is made in India while the patented hardware is both designed and made in Germany.

    My overall impression is that this a very well made and very well marketed hammock. There is a lot of literature and support that comes with the hammock for a good end-user impression and experience. This hammock is practically identical to the ENO double and at the current sub $30 price on STP (with coupons) it is a good option for glampers, first time hangers and gap year/sabbatical travelers looking for a basic inexpensive hammock. Just add your own bag for the hammock if you plan on rolling it for stowage. At full MSRP however, as long as you're not overly concerned with colour or are knot phobic/challenged, the cottage vendors would be a better choice.

    I just wanted to add that the La Siesta has the densest stitching and the thickest thread between the ENO, Grand Trunk and Woot! XL hammocks.

    This is also not the version available in Costco Canada. The Colibri Single is the version in Costco.
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