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    Static (or no stretch) verses dynamic (with some stretch) complete hammock setups

    Have discovered there are many nuances to hammock camping. (There are a lot more than tent camping. Hammock camping takes practice and patience. One does not need to tent camp in their back yard to try it out. Trying your hammock set up in the back yard multiple times is practically a necessity. Also have tried to purchase at least one of every hammock made, but am failing miserably in that endeavor, but there is still time.)

    My first complete setups (hammock, ridge line, and straps) were made of less sophisticated materials and tended to have several inches of stretch in each end. I spent many blissful days and night hanging in the stretch hammock set-ups. There is nothing wrong with them. One just has to adjust for the stretch.

    Some of my last hammock purchases have been made of high tech materials and the straps, slings, ridge line, and the hammock itself, does not have any stretch at all. Once you put it up there is no getting out later to adjust it back up. It is still where I hung it the next morning. Has to be personal preference in "hang your own hang", but I do prefer the feel of a completely static hang. Once I discovered my (personal preference again) sweet spot, I can set it up right before dark and be sound asleep in a total of five minutes.

    Does anyone else notice the feel of hammock setups that are static verses dynamic and do you have a preference?

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    It's not one or the other for me.

    That being said, it's very little stretch for me. I use a ripstop nylon body for the hammock and it stretches a little, and I like that.

    I also use cargo straps that have some, very little, stretch as well. Easy enough to adjust the stap as short as possible with ADutchable clips so there is no noticable stretch, though.

    I use Amsteel Leads and CL with Speed Hooks so there is no stretch there.

    Bottom line, I have static suspension and stretch where it's most comfortable for me.
    Enjoy and have fun with your family, before they have fun without you

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