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    just arrived 4 more, to splice them on whoopie slings. wife, kids, we all have them now

    really great blink joining people who dont snore

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    Anyone come up with a clever solution for the pointy ends of the spreader bars hitting the tarp when see-sawing?

    I've been thinking about cutting a rubber bouncy-ball in half with a hole for the pin of the spreader bar. It has never made a hole in the several times I've used it hanging with kiddos, but especially when I'm using my precious DCF tarp I'm wary of the poky ends being in contact with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickedaubergine View Post
    Anyone come up with a clever solution for the pointy ends of the spreader bars hitting the tarp when see-sawing?
    It's rather not a problem with a bigger tarp, but when I was using a spreader bar with 11' HG The Journey tarp I cut two about 1" wide pieces of bicycle tube and made a hole on one side of each of them. Insert a tip of the spreader bar into a hole, then insert the tip into a hook while the hook is inside of the rubber tube.

    I have no good photo, but this is how it looks with beetle buckles (it works with the hooks in the same way):
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