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  1. Thread: Speedy!

    by Endoverend

    Are you saying Arrowhead is in Montana? Unless...

    Are you saying Arrowhead is in Montana? Unless they have moved recently, I think they are in Idaho.

    I too have had super prompt service from them and the products have been just fine.
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    I think mine must be a "righty"..... There is more cloth on the right and not much mesh on the left. It is a very early model HH. It would feel more natural for me to go in the direction that the...
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    Lay direction in Asym Hammock?

    Okay, this may be a dumb question.... I have a HH Asym hammock. I have always slept with my head to the right and feet to the left of the center line as you look up to the ridge line which seem like...
  4. Thanks guys! After a few trials, I got it to work...

    Thanks guys! After a few trials, I got it to work using DamnYankee's suggestion..... Well, we'll see if I did it right when I give it a go this weekend! LOL. The holes were indeed too small for the...
  5. Pic, hopefully....

    Trying again....

    {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Verdana;}
  6. Picture

    Hopefully pic attaches....Shown with US quarter for scale..... Seems really smaller than I expected. Might have to enlarge hole to even fit loop through.
  7. How Do I attach continuous loops to Hennessey that only has one hole on each end?

    So, I just bought Dutchware's cinch buckles with 15" loops for converting my OLD style Hennessey with really funky old suspension. This must be one of the very earliest ones, which I bought from Tom...
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