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    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses, this is helping quite a bit!

    The suspension consideration is good and perhaps I'll add that to my order just in case. I think I had my mind set on the whoopies since it's the lightest... but thinking back to my last hang with my Hennessy, I think I had 2 options: 2 large trees probably 15-20ft apart that the crappy Hennessy straps couldn't even get halfway around or a cross-creek setup but the trees were really close and I doubt it would have worked with the 11' hammock + whoopies. The cross creek was definitely nice since you could hear the water under you...

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    Absolute lightest is UHMWPE straps with Becket or J-bend... 2oz or less (with 12-15' Venom or Spider, fergzampl)

    Not that whoops/kev/toggle is onerously heavy! Just the tree spacing issue.

    BTW, Chameleon reg width Hexon 1.0 with top cover is my winter hammock. I am 5-9 165 and it is fine for me.
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    UL, because nobody ever asks "How can I make my pack heavier?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by uninjured View Post
    I think what I'll do is go for a 1.0 hexon regular first as I mentioned that I would prefer something lighter and that packs smaller. If I find that it's not for me: either the 1.0 hexon is too soft or I think a wider hammock would be more comfortable then I'll just order another wide 1.6. I'm trying to convert my wife from being a tenter so she could aways use the 1.0 hexon. Thanks for all of your replies!
    That's the attitude!!

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    6foot 2.5 and love my regular width chameleon hexon 1.6
    For what I use it for which is my deep woods Backpacking bug protection
    Still packs small with bugnet and winter top cover in sack
    For Home on my turtledog stand use I just built a wide hexon and itís comfy

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    Regular width 1.6 has served me well.

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    All of them! Ugh.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Squatch View Post
    SilvrSurfr hit the suspension issue on the head. I've tried then all - in New Hampshire where I spend 99% of my hanging time whoopies proved to inflexible because our regrowing forest is really dense and it's not always possible to find trees 15 or more feet apart. I tried them larksheaded to straps and with hooks. The Marlinspike hitch was fun the first two times I used it, but adjusting the hang is a pain with tying and untying over and over. I kept coming back to cinch buckles and tried every type of strap from differet weights of Kevlar to old-fashioned poly. I'm trying Beetle Buckles now on regular Spider webbing. So far this seems like the winner for me.
    Wow, I could have written that paragraph myself. I have many variations of cinch buckles, but when the beetles hit the market my search was over. Simplicity plus! Easiest to adjust of all I've tried. I use them on (white) dyneema webbing, but it's very thin and I don't recommend it for everyone. The double hanging ability is of great importance to us as well.

    At 5'4" and <150lbs my input on fabric and width is likely useless to you. That said, I found 1.0 to be too stretchy for me. I experienced considerable shoulder squeeze and not enough lumbar support. However, I have shoulder and back problems. I wouldn't go for a double layer unless i was committed to a pad. I can't use pads because I sweat like a pig with them. Probably another reason I can't sleep in a tent.

    I made a 12' x 70" netless with dual knotty's. Sooo much floppy fabric, I get lost in it. I also made 62" and 60" hammocks. 62" is acceptable but still a bit excessive for me. 60" is perfect. Though I'm ok with 58", I've found that I like to have the option to temporarily stretch into other positions that the extra width allows. If you find the 68" chameleon too wide for you and you're concerned the 58" may be too narrow, you can always ask Dutch if he'd make you one in between the 58" and 68". I'm not sure that they'll do that, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I've read here on numerous occasions of taller folks saying they like 64".

    Good luck.

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