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    It depends on what you like. I started with a hennessy exped asym, set it up in my yard. Laying in it I knew I couldn't go to the ground ever again. I did a bunch of research, and decided I wanted to cry once. Went with the blackbird and superfly. I have found I prefer the chameleon (bought one for girlfriend). Even though I've switched hammocks the BB is extremely comfy. IMHO I'd buy quality first if your even remotely sure you want to hammock camp.

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    Theres a lot to take in here. I know summer is here and you probly want to get out there ASAP. But take your time, do your homework. Theres a ton of options for every aspect of hammock camping. This is a good place to start, but it can get overwhelming. Everyone likes something different and very rarely will you find 2 identical setups.

    Ask yourself a few questions... What are some of your priorities? Price? Weight? Warmth? Ease of use? Can you sew? A lot of this stuff is super easy to DIY if your willing to try.

    Are you car camping(staying in 1 specific place)? Are you hiking and sleeping on the trails? What time of the year are you doing this? Are you ok with tying knots or do you prefer the ease of hardware?

    Going back to doing your homework, definitely look up Shug(Shugemery) on youtube. He has a ton of info on every aspect of hammock camping.

    Its easy to get caught up in all the light weight and Dutch blingy stuff people swear by here. But honestly, if your just car camping during the summer months you can get by pretty cheap. There a ton of DIY sites to make it even cheaper. Check out the DIY section here, its awesome!!!

    If DIY is out of the question and your set on buying, at the very least buy a 10' hammock. You'll definitely need some warmth underneath. Super cheap is going with some sort of closed cell camping pad. kind of a pain getting them adjusted just right and keeping them there. Cheap sleeping bag and a tarp. Again...go look up Shug on the tarp stuff if you haven't already.

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